Caffeinated Crafting
Post-Lifting Meal
Not much of a recipe to this, just fry it all in a pan with a little bit of oil on medium to medium high heat, takes ~10-12 min for the meat, then fry the eggs in the leftover oil. For all of your protein needs :D

Post-Lifting Meal

Not much of a recipe to this, just fry it all in a pan with a little bit of oil on medium to medium high heat, takes ~10-12 min for the meat, then fry the eggs in the leftover oil. For all of your protein needs :D

Touhou Cosplay @ Otakon

Photographer - Obscura314

Ran Yakumo - CaffeinatedCrafting

Chen Yakumo - WhinyPrincess

Mamizou Futatsuiwa - RoseSpirit

OR/AS Cosplay @ Otakon

Photographer - Obscura314

Ruby/Brendan - CaffeinatedCrafting

Sapphire/May - Flaaffys

I remade the Omega Ruby backpack because I wasn’t satisfied with how it came out at otakon…and I’m already thinking of ways to improve this one even a few minutes after finishing it.

The first one (and the white “snap” on the strap) are for sale. If you are interested PM me with an offer.

Figurine Repair!

At some point when I moved due to the flood, the tail on my Momiji figure got broken off. It’s been sitting on my shelf for months and I finally got around to fixing it.

If you have any kind of desk ornament that breaks and is made of plastic, you’ve probably learned straight up gluing it just won’t do. No matter what kind you use its never enough, not to mention having to sit still while it sets.

What You’ll Need:

  • Paperclip (Heavy/Thick)
  • Safety Pin (or regular) that is near the diameter of the paperclip you chose
  • Wire Cutter
  • Super Glue
  • Permanent Marker
  • Heating Element (Gas Stove Preferred)


  • Use the marker to mark where you need to put the the holes after a test fit
  • Heat the pin on the stove, gently press in, quickly wiggle, then extract. If you leave it in too long the plastic will re-harden around it.
  • Heat the paperclip and repeat the above step
  • Use fingernail to scrape off excess plastic that will have welled up
  • Test fit on one side, use the marker to mark the depth
  • Cut the paperclip to fit
  • Coat one of the paperclip with superglue, fit into one hole, dab a bit of excess around to fill/cover the hole, let dry
  • Test fit onto opposite side, you may need to slightly trim the wire.
  • Put glue on the exposed wire and on the base around the other hole.
  • Press firmly for several seconds, glue should set quickly.
  • Leave sit for an hour or so for glue to fully set, then place back on shelf :D

On the left, the first picture I ever took in a costume, ever back in 2010, on the right, what I saved from it.

Doing a deep clean of my apartment and I just don’t have the space anymore. You shouldn’t always keep things around for nostalgic purposes, but sometimes you have to keep a memento.

Come a long way since then, looking forward to building more good stuff in the back half of 2014 and beyond :)


Otakon 2014 photoset 2/4!

If you see yourself or anyone you know, let me know so I can tag them!!

Featuring caffeinatedcrafting as ORAS Ruby, Nagisa from Free!, and Ran from Touhou!

The ladyfriend’s picture set :3

Select pics from Otakon 2014, Full Album of 361 pictures is here, contains all three pokemon photoshoots, Friday Homestuck, Friday/Saturday Touhou, and pics from around the con.

Some photo-credits due to obscura314, they need a bit of touch-up work before I post the sets here.

Message me for any Tags I miss!

Omega Ruby - Self

Ran Yakumo - Self

Colress  - Self

N Harmonia - whomthegodswoulddestroy

Gender-Bent Ghestis - loodletooboodleroodlesoodle

Anthea & Concordia - RoseSpirit & kid-in-the-drifloon-hat

BW2 Plasma Grunt - aliveisnotsad

BW Plasma Grunt - destnai

Chen Yakumo - WhinyPrincess

Alpha Sapphire - Flaaffys

Otakon 2014 Run-Down

Day Zero

  • Long line around the building, might as well get beer / lunch with friends, I’m sure it will die down by this evening, just like last year…
  • RoseSpirit arrives, fun times are had :3
  • Wear the new Ruby outfit and walk the line, run into ElfBlossom, but never get a chance to see her the rest of the con :(
  • Friends go to grab dinner, I enter the line because it doesn’t seem to be getting shorter…but it is moving
  • Friends return, the line has stopped moving
  • What is an offline paper back up and how do they work?
  • Abandon line, drink and cards against humanity with friends, because some couldn’t stay the whole weekend

Day One

  • Up 6am to get in line, its still wrapped around the building…did people even leave?
  • Cosplay as Ruby again
  • Finally get badge around 9:30 and get much needed coffee
  • Pokemon photoshoot, yell at a lot of people who don’t know how to photoshoot
  • Take a professional shoot with Flaaffys, pics coming soon
  • Change into Dave, homestuck shoot
  • Third Costume Change of the Day, Ran for the Touhou Shoot
  • Separate photoset with the awesome whinyprincess
  • Drinking and more Cards Against Humanity….BATS

Day Two

  • Cosplay as Nagisa early AM, wander/people watch
  • Change into Colress for our Team Plasma group
  • Pokemon shoot, its hot, and people also don’t know how to photoshoot…(note to self, write a post on how to act at a photoshoot for photogs and cosplayers)
  • Change into Ran again, second touhou shoot
  • Finally get a professional shoot in with my Ran cosplay
  • Drinking/Dinner/More Cards
  • Cosplay as Nagisa Again, wander and people watch with the Otakon Simulator

Day Three

  • Pack Out, cosplay as Ruby one last time for the third pokemon shoot, much better this time
  • Hit up dealers/AA, hit up NightengaleNeedles, and pre-reg for ACEN next year
  • Lunch & Goodbyes, see you next year Otakon!


  • Constaff on the whole are good and usually do the best they can, but the actual convention center employees swing toward the ass hole side, par for the course every year
  • Always have an offline back up system for Reg, but seriously for next year, please email ACEN Staff and ask them how they are able to mail out badges for all their pre-reg members. They’re very quickly approaching your size.
  • Or if you can’t mail badges, do what Fanime did this year, open reg on Thursday morning, then a line never forms at all.
  • You can kill line-con, but only if you’re willing to take a few extra steps, attendees would be eternally grateful.
  • Dear god I never realized how many costume changes I do, why did I bring 5 costumes to a con…

These two deserve their own posts, my friend was the Otakon Simulator, snagged two pics - one with the ball pit, and one with a random staffer who had an actual demo unit of an Oculus Rift.

Next year LineCon DLC, Free to Play


Will be arriving in Baltimore early afternoon tomorrow for my third consecutive year! Rooming with RoseSpirit in the Hilton on Pratt.

Costume Line-Up:

Nagisa - Now with new speedo

Omega Ruby - Debut

Colress - Debut

Ran Yakumo - New Ears

God Tier Dave

Almost everything I’m taking this year is at least something I’ve never taken to Otakon before, or its completely new. I have a problem though, I’ve definitely filled up all my slots and wish I could take more. I can’t even bring my Calem cosplay I wore back at ACEN & Fanime, simply won’t have the time :(

No masquerade this year either, but I probably will enter Ruby in the hall contest.

Hit me up if you plan to attend via a reply or message, apart from the cosplay gatherings and a separate professional shoot, schedule is wide open.

Just in time for Otakon, a fresh speedo for my Nagisa costume.

I assembled this one on my serger, where as the previous one was done on my regular machine using zig zag stitches and it came out so much better.

Even after using a duct tape dummy to make another formed pattern, you want to cut your pieces with little to no seam allowance due to how much the lycra fabric stretches.

The last pic has the new and old next to each other, old on the right, new on the left.

Fire Red / Leaf Green Girl Trainer’s Bag

Done for RoseSpirit

I had originally done one for her a ways back but I didn’t know nearly as much back then as I do now and the bag fell apart due to wear and tear.

On this remake I serged all the edges to prevent fraying and designed a larger pattern so it could more easily fit all that con swag (or a laptop). It has a stiff interfacing basket inside, is lined, and the side pockets are functional.

Don’t let the size of the mouths fool you! It sits very comfortably on your head and they can act as wearable neck pillows for those long convention lines.

This is a custom order from my etsy shop

WIP Picture of my new Omega Ruby cosplay, probably the last one I’ll post before Otakon. Feel free to toss me asks if you want to know how I did anything :)

WIP Picture of my new Omega Ruby cosplay, probably the last one I’ll post before Otakon. Feel free to toss me asks if you want to know how I did anything :)